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LG Expandable Smartphone Concept

In the time of ever-advancing innovation, it’s entirely expected to see front line gadgets in their essential state. While we’ve been enchanted by various reasonable cellphone plans this year, few can coordinate the charm of LG‘s most up to date venture — an expandable, handheld gadget that looks to twofold screen land in an instinctive and simple to-utilize way.

While the idea is still in its starter arranges, the plan itself was enrolled with the World Intellectual Property Organization a year ago, making numerous sources hypothesize about its appearance. Hitherto, the expandable cell phone is by all accounts the just one of its sort, calling upon a double screen design that is housed underneath the gadget’s forward-looking presentation. Much like the slidable telephones we’ve found before, clients will have the option to pull the telephone’s back presentations to one side or right, taking into consideration a “tri-screen” arrangement that is said to twofold the gadget’s visual grounds. In case, you’re keen on the thought of an expandable cell phone, head over to Let’s Go Digital’s site, where the group has given a delivered mockup of the plan, and spoken top to bottom with respect to its complexities.


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