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Bose Frames Tempo Audio Sunglasses

Worked for sports, Bose’s Frames Tempo joins quality sound with eye security. They have a 22mm full-run driver in every sanctuary to convey sound that is noisy enough for cycling at 25mph yet still empowers the wearer to hear traffic admonitions and preparing accomplices. The edges are made from lightweight, adaptable TR90, with specially crafted spring pivots, TPE sanctuary tips, and three sizes of nose cushions for a protected fit. They additionally fit under most defensive head protectors, offer as long as 8 hours of battery life, and are sweat-, climate, scratch-, and break safe. They transport with dim 12% polycarbonate focal points and can alternatively be furnished with Road Orange, Trail Blue, or Twilight Yellow focal points for ideal execution in various settings.

Bose Frames Tempo — Sport Audio Sunglasses

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