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Biolite HeadLamp 750

Biolite has presented the new HeadLamp 750, a headlamp stacked with keen tech thus agreeable, you will overlook you are wearing it. The imaginative gadget is stacked with experience benevolent highlights, for example, the 3D SlimFit development, guaranteeing it remains set up and skip-free. There is additionally a 3000mAh battery-powered li-particle battery, presenting to 150 hours of lighting accessible on low and 7 hours on high, BioLite’s “Consistent Mode” for a consistent degree of splendor (up to a brilliant 500 lumens) and keep it there as long as you can imagine, Run Forever pass-through charging (Use the included three-foot link to take advantage of an outside force bank in your pack), in addition to 8 distinctive lighting modes (5 in the front, 3 in the back). The Headlamp 750 is additionally water opposition with an IPX4 rating.

Meet The BioLite HeadLamp 750 | Pro Features, Pro Performance

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