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TWR Jaguar XJS Supercat: A 600HP Beast Reborn From Classic Grandeur

The legendary TWR, once synonymous with high-performance Jaguars, is back with a stunning restomod – the TWR Jaguar XJS Supercat. This modern interpretation of the iconic grand tourer promises a thrilling driving experience wrapped in a meticulously crafted carbon fiber body.

A Legacy Reborn

TWR, originally founded by Tom Walkinshaw in 1976, carved its name in motorsport history with iconic collaborations with Jaguar. Responsible for championship-winning Jaguars that dominated Le Mans, TWR left an undeniable mark on the automotive world. Now, under the leadership of Tom’s son Fergus Walkinshaw, TWR is back with a project that pays homage to its racing heritage.

The TWR Jaguar XJS Supercat: Where Classic Meets Modern Muscle

The TWR Supercat is a breathtaking restomod based on the Jaguar XJS. Designed by renowned car designer Khyzyl Saleem, the Supercat boasts a sculpted carbon fiber body that retains the classic XJS lines while injecting a dose of late-70s racing flair. Think slammed stance, widebody fenders, a vented hood, and aerodynamic elements like a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a ducktail spoiler.

Unleashing the Beast Within

Under the hood lies the heart of the TWR Jaguar XJS Supercat– a potent supercharged V12 engine. This modern interpretation of the classic Jaguar powerplant delivers a staggering 600+ horsepower, promising exhilarating performance. Paired with a manual transmission, the Supercat is built for driving enthusiasts who crave a visceral connection to the machine.

Limited Edition Exclusivity

Only 88 units of the TWR Jaguar XJS Supercat will be produced, a nod to the year TWR’s Jaguar XJR-9 triumphed at Le Mans. Deliveries are slated to begin in late 2024, with a starting price of £225,000 (approximately $285,000).

The TWR Jaguar XJS Supercat is more than just a restomod; it’s a revival of a legendary partnership. This modern masterpiece offers a glimpse into the future of classic car restoration, where iconic design meets unparalleled performance. Visit the TWR website for more details.

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