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The Porsche 928 Monolite Project: A Rally-Ready Masterpiece

In the realm of automotive innovation, Mexican driver and customizer Fercho Urquiza has taken the Porsche 928 to new heights with his remarkable creation—the Porsche 928 Monolite Project. This unconventional build, born out of a Porsche 928 S, has undergone a transformative journey into a highly modified rally car, challenging traditional norms and captivating automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Breaking Boundaries in Customization

The project kick-started with a Porsche 928 S, chosen for its robust foundation and manual gearbox. Over an extensive two-year period, Urquiza meticulously handcrafted custom parts, redefining the car’s identity. The rear was ingeniously converted into a pickup, and both front and rear fenders were widened to accommodate taller, wider tires, amplifying the car’s imposing presence.

Bespoke Additions and Functional Features

The Porsche 928 Monolite Project boasts an array of bespoke additions, showcasing Urquiza’s creativity and attention to detail. The roof rack, winch-equipped brush bar, and rear hatch converted into a bed for spare tires are all custom-made, reflecting a labor of love. The front features a quarter-inch skid plate for protection and style, while a robust 10,000lb winch stands ready for challenging terrains.

A Safari-Ready Beast with Luxurious Interiors

Functionality meets elegance in this safari-style Porsche. The purpose-designed rack accommodates two bicycles, a foil board, and a water ski simultaneously. Step inside, and you’re greeted by a racing-inspired interior adorned in luxurious leather, complete with racing seats, a roll cage, and a flocked dash. Modern amenities such as the Porsche Classic stereo, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and GPS add a touch of sophistication to the driving experience.

A Symphony of Sound and Performance

The Porsche 928 Monolite Project doesn’t just prioritize aesthetics—it delivers a powerful driving experience. The custom titanium exhaust competes with a premium sound system featuring Focal speakers, turning every journey into a symphony of sound.

Explore the incredible transformation of the Porsche 928 into the Monolite Project on Fercho Urquiza’s Instagram page, where the car comes to life in action.

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