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GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser: Pioneering Off-Grid Overlanding with Electric Adventure

In a groundbreaking collaboration that’s set to redefine the world of overlanding, GMC has partnered with Oregon-based overland experts, EarthCruiser, to create an exceptional off-road camping version of its acclaimed Hummer EV pickup truck. This exciting venture introduces the GMC HUMMER EV EarthCruiser, a robust and environmentally-conscious vehicle tailored for off-grid exploration.

The Hummer EV‘s renowned off-road capabilities are elevated with EarthCruiser‘s all-inclusive overlanding package, making it a dream for adventurers seeking to explore remote terrains. The integration of carbon fiber housing directly into the truck’s chassis sets the stage for an exceptional camping experience. The tri-layered pop-up unit offers comfortable sleeping arrangements for two adults, complete with a spacious bed, a sink, an induction cooktop, a fridge/freezer, adjustable lighting, outlets, and ample storage. Stepping in, you’re welcomed by an impressive 80” headroom at the entrance, although it slightly narrows to 35” in the sleeping area. A 7-inch touchscreen display adds a tech-savvy dimension, allowing easy control of various functions and accessories.

Beyond the comforts of the interior, the outdoors beckons with a host of amenities. The Hummer EV EarthCruiser add-ons include a shower, gear storage space, filtered water access, lockable utility hook-ups, and strategically placed lighting. Remarkably, the vehicle boasts a 6 kWh system powered by 605W rooftop solar panels, ensuring up to a week of off-grid energy supply for all onboard appliances and electrical needs.

Driving the Hummer EV EarthCruiser camper is an experience to savor. While on the move, the camper adds height, stretching the vehicle to 90”. In “Camp Mode”, an additional 27” is added, creating a spacious environment for relaxation and rest. The formidable driving range of the Hummer EV is temporarily reduced due to the camper’s added weight. However, the ever-expanding network of charging stations mitigates concerns about battery depletion.

The anticipated arrival of the GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser is set for 2024, promising a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and intrepid exploration. While the exact pricing is yet to be unveiled, this electric off-road marvel is undoubtedly set to exceed the $100K price tag of the non-EarthCruiser Hummer EV. For those who dare to embark on a new era of eco-conscious overlanding, reserving a spot on EarthCruiser’s website is a step toward embracing an electrifying adventure.

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