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Elevate Your Chess Game with GoChess: The Ultimate Robotic Chess Board

Introducing GoChess, the groundbreaking robotic chess board designed to transform the way you play and learn chess. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, GoChess promises to take your chess skills to new heights. Say goodbye to manual board setup and searching for opponents, and welcome a new era of chess that combines magic and technology. Let’s explore the incredible features of this chess board and why it’s capturing the attention of chess enthusiasts worldwide.

Smart and Connected

GoChess is an app-enabled smart chessboard equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable battery, and magnetic sensors. The board reliably tracks and records each move in real-time, allowing you to focus solely on strategizing your way to checkmate.

Color-Coded Coaching Lights

Experience real-time coaching with the color-coded coaching lights on the board. These lights provide suggestions for possible, best, and worst moves, helping you improve your skills and engage with opponents of any level. Customize the coaching system according to your preference, enabling you to learn and progress at your own pace.

Fully Robotic

GoChess boasts a hidden patent-pending robotic mechanism that powers its self-moving pieces. Enjoy the excitement of automatic game setup, puzzle solving, historical game replays, and real-time movement tracking. With this smart chess board, your opponent’s moves are automatically reflected on the board, whether you’re playing against an AI or a friend from afar.

Proprietary App Integration

Connect the dedicated GoChess app to play online, offline, or with AI opponents. Seamlessly join popular chess platforms like Lichess and, engaging with players from around the world. The app offers game recording, real-time analysis, and progress tracking, empowering you to analyze your gameplay and improve your chess skills.

Slim Design, Pristine Functionality

Despite its slim design, GoChess offers a full-sized playing area and a premium exterior made of high-quality materials. Choose between the modern style with a black and white plastic board or the classic style with a wooden-style plastic board, both offering elegance and durability.

GoChess Lite Version

For convenience, GoChess also offers a Lite version without the self-moving pieces. It features all the connectivity and essential features, providing a thinner design for ultimate convenience and prestige. You can easily transform the fully-featured one into the Lite version whenever you prefer.

GoChess revolutionizes the game of chess by combining magic and technology into a single, powerful chessboard. With its self-moving pieces, real-time coaching, online connectivity, and AI-powered features, it offers an immersive and enriching chess experience for players of all levels. Join the global community of chess enthusiasts who have already embraced it and witnessed its transformative impact on their gameplay. Elevate your chess skills and embark on an exciting journey with the magic of GoChess.

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