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Zhiyun Smooth 5S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Effortlessly capture your video with this smartphone holder and stabilizer with 3-axis mobility. The Zhiyun Smooth 5S handheld gimbal stabilizer features a powerful built-in fill light. With a design that gives you a wider field of view and more options, you can create inspiring content without being limited by angles.

A versatile panel is designed for overall control, allowing you to adjust parameters smoothly at your fingertip. Get you ready in an instant for an effortless single-hand shoot.

Zhiyun Smooth 5S handheld gimbal is the only product that can replace a crowded shooting team and allow you to take great shots. With incredible anti-shake technology, you can capture unforgettable images while maintaining the original image quality. 3 unique magnetic brighteners provide an unparalleled lighting effect with up to 2040 lux. You can also make multiple filters and tone adjustments. Select from a collection of innovative features, including panorama, slow motion, dolly zoom, and timelapse. Offer full possibilities to land your ideas on the ground. Click here if you would like more information. Do not miss to watch the video below.

ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5S Overview in 1 Minute
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