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Xpedition Pro XPRO One Off-road Camper

There are many reasons to worry in our world lately. This is probably why camping and recreational vehicles are becoming popular right now. So everyone who has the means is looking for an escape. Of course, the price society has to pay to get rid of the city has never been higher. For this reason, there has been a direct increase in the innovation of more accessible camping and caravan vehicles. Countless companies are augmenting the options they offer to gain a competitive advantage. It produces simpler, more calming products to ease customers’ nerves. But the Xpedition Pro seems to take a different path with the fighter jet and tank-inspired camper model XPRO One.

The Xpedition Pro XPRO One is the perfect camper option for those who want to get off the road. From the very first glance at this trailer, you will immediately notice the militaristic inspiration in its design. Ultra-durable, aggressive, robust, and ready to tackle any terrain with its Iveco Daily 4×4 chassis. The XPRO One has a large sleeping compartment that can sleep two people comfortably, two hidden 200L water tanks, a diesel heating system, and a user-friendly power management system where you can integrate solar batteries.

Despite its tough appearance, Xpedition Pro offers a very comfortable life. With a pull-out gas hob, a set of aluminum toolboxes with a Raptor finish, and three-bolt locks on the doors for added security, the camper can comfortably accommodate three people. The XPRO One also features protective roof rails, tempered glass windows for extra protection, and 37-inch off-road tires to tackle off-road obstacles.

The Xpedition Pro describes the XPRO One‘s looks as “apocalyptic”, emphasizing that it’s a surprisingly luxurious camper with high-end amenities. It has the ability to live away from the city for 10 days, which definitely gives customers confidence. Xpedition Pro has yet to release pricing information for the XPRO One. If you need more information, you can click here.

XPRO One - 4x4 RV Camper

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