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Teenage Engineering Computer-1 PC Case

Known for its useful but interesting designs, Teenage Engineering is now tackling the category of PC cases, which were once bland hardware and were kicked by our feet, now the focus of the show, with the wonderfully designed Computer-1. On the inside of the Computer-1‘s 1mm orange powder-coated aluminum case, the fifth iteration of their homemade design but the first PC case to be commercially available; There’s room for a Mini-ITX motherboard, dual GPU slots, an SFX power supply, and a CPU cooler. The 3.5mm audio output is placed on the front of the case. When you buy the Teenage Engineering Computer-1 PC case, it comes disassembled and in a flat box just like IKEA furniture. You can complete the installation by following the assembly instructions included in the package. Click here for more information.


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