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2022 Stark VARG Electric Motorcycle

Rapid developments in the electric vehicle industry have led to the emergence of a series of battery-powered vehicles worldwide with high technical specifications and performance capabilities. The newest of these machines came from Spanish start-up Stark with the brand’s all-new, all-electric VARG motocrosser.

Offering performance comparable to the 450cc MX motorcycle, the VARG is built around what was touted as the world’s lightest motocross chassis. Paired with the planet’s smallest inverter and housed in a water-cooled chassis, VARG is powered by a carbon fiber sleeve electric motor that acts as a structural element, providing the highest overall power-to-weight ratio.

Industry has been shaken

With VARG’s 80 horsepower and a massive torque of 937Nm instantly available, the motorcycle industry has been shaken. Using a state-of-the-art “Flying V” cell design, VARG has the world’s most energy-dense battery system. With an IP69K rating, the highest point on the leakproof rating scale, and a 6kWh capacity, the battery needs one to two hours for a full charge and provides up to six hours of driving time.

VARG’s suspension, which provides 31cm of travel distance at the front and rear, was developed in cooperation with Kayaba and Technical Touch. The VARG is sold with a choice of two rear wheel sizes, such as the 18-inch enduro or the 19-inch special terrain. VARG, which is offered with hand or foot rear brake options, has a shockproof and waterproof Android system that serves as an information display.

VARG has 100 different riding modes

Offering more than 100 different riding modes, this electric motorcycle; also has items that can be adjusted specifically, such as the power curve, engine braking, and traction control. Available in three color options and 60 hp or 80 hp versions, Stark VARG is scheduled to start deliveries in Q4 2022. The price of this awesome electric motocross starts at $11,900. Click here if you want more information.

The World's Fastest Motocross Bike is now Electric - Stark VARG

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