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Onewheel GT Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboard models are not popular anymore, but they have not disappeared from the market. The Onewheel GT model was the option that updated the field. Introduced by Future Motion, the electric skateboard Onewheel GT draws attention, especially with its range. According to the statement, the model, which brings a range of 50 km with its lithium-ion battery pack, leaves many similar ones behind. The model, which does not cause too many balance problems due to its structure, has a price of $ 2,200 and a body that is resistant to harsh conditions. The product, which is also suitable for night use with its built-in lighting system, is in the position of the first 3-horsepower option in its class, according to the statement of Future Motion.
In the meantime, the new Pint X model, which offers a 28 km range from the company, has arrived. This model, which you can see below, also functions in the form of a one-wheeled electric skateboard. Pint X, which can reach a speed of 28 km/s, focuses more on short-distance general use in the city. $1,400 is required for this version.

Electric skateboard Onewheel GT does not appeal to everyone. Models that have a common smartphone connection and thus the driving details can be customized, are driven by the control of body weight due to their structure. The popularity of electric skateboards hasn’t been very good lately. People are now turning to electric bike models more because they are more comfortable and safe. Click here for more details.

Onewheel GT and Onewheel Pint X Comparison


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