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ViewSonic M2e Projector

Due to its mobility and the huge viewing display produced, more and more people are using portable projectors for entertainment needs. But one disadvantage of portable projectors is that they often require a lot of adjustments before getting the correct image. Now ViewSonic has found a solution to this problem through its new M2e projector.

ViewSonic M2e Projector utilizes instant autofocus and automatic horizontal/vertical keystone correction, which means that your display will achieve a perfect picture effect within a few seconds of turning on the device. With this feature alone, M2e can make it easy for anyone who wants to buy a portable projector, but ViewSonic enriches its pot by adding integrated Harman Kardon speakers, WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB-C connections, and solid-state LED lighting. 1080p resolution and Cinema SuperColor + technology can provide 125% recording accuracy of 709 colors, and support HDR content. Oh, the device is only 7.2 inches in diameter, 2.1 inches in height, and weighs just over 2 pounds. ViewSonic M2e retail price is 576 dollars. Click here for more details.

The ViewSonic M2e Portable Smart Projector

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