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Fliteboard Series 2 Electric Hydrofoil Board

Fliteboard is an electric hydrofoil that has the feeling of flying over the water. It launched the next generation Series 2. Fliteboard was created by the kite surfing world record holder David Trewern. It is the world’s first integrated electronic foil, which allows the rider to fly above the water, quietly, without waves, no wind or wake, and a maximum speed of 27 mph, with no emissions. Fliteboard is carved like a snowboard with fresh powder, allowing riders to enjoy the freedom of surfing and the feeling of flying. The new Fliteboard Series 2 has an exquisite circuit board design, creating a new range that is easier to access, more advanced, and more responsive. The new version also allows beginners to fly faster and easier in the water, while the experienced film sticking machine can enjoy the ultimate new board and performance wingspan, allowing them to continuously push their limits. Now it runs on a compact but powerful emission-free electric motor, powered by one of the best marine smart batteries available, and can travel for more than 90 minutes. Click here for more details about Fliteboard Series 2.

Fliteboard Series 2 eFoil Highlights

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