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NordicTrack The Vault

Considering that stadiums are still a questionable issue, sports fans have to find ways to stay active in the comfort of their homes. Exercise and purchase equipment is the easy part, this is just a case of ingenuity and research. However, there is one fact that is difficult to replicate: personal guidance.

With the release of the “safe”, NordicTrack brings its expertise on treadmills into the field of smart rearview mirrors. Partly independent storage system, part iFit interface, it is essentially an all-in-one home fitness system that can guide you through the entire session. The safe is behind its 60-inch mirror and has a Wi-Fi-enabled 32-inch touch screen, allowing you to connect to the entire exercise library (equipped with a trainer) by just waving the door and tapping your finger. From muscle-specific routines to actively work to mindfulness training, everything came into being. And, since it has both a standalone configuration and a complete configuration, you can either fill it with your own equipment or use NordicTrack’s gears to complete existing settings, including dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and even towels. Book today, prices start at $1,999. Click here for more details about NordicTrack The Vault.


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