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Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski

Narke‘s latest electric jet ski can be used where the first generation GT45 was discontinued, with greater power, greater range, and more advanced design. The electric motor and high-power battery pack can produce 95 horsepower, a top speed of 43 MPH, and a cruising range of 31 miles. The Narke GT95 is 13 feet long and uses a new carbon fiber reinforced hull design that can accommodate up to 3 people. The hull uses deflection technology to enable drivers of almost any skill level to maintain a smooth and stable ride. The 7-inch customizable digital display shows the remaining power, mileage, distance from the port, and can answer calls-if you are brave enough to pick up the phone. The 24 kWh battery can be fully charged in 1.5 hours or can be charged for 6 hours using a standard household socket. Narke GT95 can be ordered now. Click here for more details.

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