Fujian Floating House By Balance Design


A Chinese entrepreneur yearned for the loneliness of the sea, so he built a floating house by himself. With the help of a good friend (Dong Xinmeng Architect), the entrepreneur turned his dream home into an amazing reality. Inspired by the floating rafts used by local fishermen to stay on the water for long periods of time, this impressive house floats in the middle of the sea. The construction cost is only $61,000. It is located on the coast of Dongshan Island in Fujian Province, about 500 meters (5,382 feet away), completely independent of the rest of the world. This amazing floating study covers an area of ​​600 square meters, has enough indoor and outdoor space, and is fixed in place by 16 metal anchors, each anchor weighing about one ton. If the owners want to move, all they have to do is to lift these anchors and use a motorboat to tow the mansion to a new location. Click here for more details.


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