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Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV Gaming Endurance E-Racer

Between the developing number of prominent race arrangement using bleeding edge sims in lieu of IRL wheel-to-wheel rivalry and the overall ascent of eSports, a pattern has arisen in the course of the most recent year that is seen a few significant car makers put time and assets into planning vehicles exclusively and explicitly to show up in computer games. What’s more, presently, behind Ford‘s gamer publicly supported P1 theoretical hypercar, Jaguar has uncovered its own computerized just idea with the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV.

Worked for (simulated) perseverance hustling, the carefully delivered idea is kicked along by a completely electric, 1,877hp (1,400kW) powertrain that, when combined with its super tricky bodywork, considers maximum velocities surpassing 250mph. Planned and designed by Jaguar SV explicitly for the impending portion of the Gran Turismo dashing game arrangement, the Vision GT SV has been streamlined features enhanced using bleeding edge reproduction apparatuses and draws plentiful motivation from earlier Jaguar models like the C-type, D-type, XJR-9, and XJR-14. Notwithstanding carefully delivering the E-Racer, Jag has likewise constructed a full-scale model of the Vision GT SV. For more info visit Jaguar wesite or drive the concept Jag in the forthcoming Grand Turismo game in 2021.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV | The Ultimate All-Electric Gaming Endurance Racer


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