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Unagi Electric Scooter

The scooter affair is fully grown. Unagi has created a stylish redesign that will allow users to delete Uber apps in urban transportation. Made of premium lightweight carbon fiber tubing and magnesium alloy, the lightweight frame weighs only about 12kg (26 pounds). The one-click folding system contributes to its portability, while magnesium alloy handlebars keep the look clean and minimal. If we talk about the power issue, let’s say that each engine option is specially produced. Depending on where you live or intend to use this scooter, you can choose a 250-watt front-wheel-drive motor for flat terrain or a 500-watt motor with a maximum speed of about 32kph (20mph) for uphill riding. Click here if you want to own an Unagi Electric Scooter.

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