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Touring Superleggera Aero 3

No, this is not another done computerized delivering of an idea vehicle, this is no doubt. Planned by ace coachbuilders at Touring Superleggera, the energizing new Aero 3 is motivated by the smoothed out race vehicles of the 1930s and highlights an unmistakable “shark balance” that gestures to both present-day F1 vehicles and the previously mentioned exemplary racers. Underneath its carbon fiber body is a strong Ferrari F12 6.3-liter motor with 730 hp and a seven-speed double grip gearbox that has been extended seven inches and destroyed 400 pounds off its control weight. Visiting Superleggera will assemble only 15 Aero 3s, with an expected 5,000 work hours to finish, and the client needs to hold up a half year before taking conveyance.


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