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Summit Truck Topper Camper

AT Overland Equipment have as of late presented the all-new Summit truck top camper. Intended to overcome any barrier between a customary truck top and a slide-in camper, the Summit Truck Topper can change over a medium-size truck into an independent, trail-prepared overlander. The whole unit weighs only 350 pounds, yet is so strong it tends to be strolled on head of. It rests two with enough inside space for one to stand when someone else is in the bed because of the long taxi overhang. At the point when not being used, the bed turns up on gas swaggers and stores off the beaten path, giving you the whole truck bed as a living and working space. The included tent is fire-retardant and UV safe, has catch-free mosquito netting, and can offer four-season usefulness because of a Thinsulate liner. You can likewise tweak the unit by including covered inside, load netting, retired capacity, a 12-volt power flexibly, and a versatile kitchen, among different highlights.


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