Expandable Lightweight All-In-One 4-Season Crua Outdoors XTENT

For the entirety of its sentimentalism, outdoors is at last about a trade-off. This should come as no stun to anybody versed in open-air experience — all things considered, it was you who decided to leave the solaces of current comfort behind for a period all around spent in the forested areas. Regardless, the achievement of an outdoor trip, at last, rests upon one’s capacity to adjust and survive.

Ever the pioneer of the outdoors world, Crua Outdoors is grinding away again with their freshest model, the XTENT. Where different tents lock you into one arrangement, the XTENT considers an extendable stature. The most evident advantage of the structure is some expanded headroom, for taller campers as well as for indoor evolving. Yet, that is not all — Crua claims that the XTENT‘s movable stature makes it the ideal four-season versatile sanctuary. During the hotter months, just raise the XTENT for included ventilation; when things get cooler, drop the shade for improved warmth maintenance. Furthermore, the included inflatable Cocoon V2 goes about as an internal tent, giving both inside atmosphere control and sound-hosing, all in a bundle that takes under two minutes for arrangement. Pre-request today for $249 with January conveyance.


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