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SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Concept

Since the arrival of Tesla‘s Cybertruck in late 2019, the rakish neo-modern pickup has been imaged — and now and again even manufactured — as a plenty of various strength and administration vehicles, from police trucks to campers to covertness military watch vehicles. Be that as it may, the most recent change presented to the electric pickup takes things a distinctly new way, with calculated plan firm Charlie Automotive repurposing the Cybertruck as a moon-going lunar wanderer.

Called the “CYBER6,” the idea keeps up the first vehicle’s fundamental profile and outline while including a third hub, cut LED lighting all through enhanced by a coordinating cut style light bar, what has all the earmarks of being carbon fiber wheel curves and guards, and various remotely joined canisters and different incidental bits of rigging. Enhanced in a matte dark paint conspire brightened with NASA and SpaceX logos, the wanderer rides on three arrangements of wheels that component tires involved belted portions of pill-formed articles, and its bed has been totally updated so as to suit a gathering of provisions and mission gear, including different radio wires and a satellite dish, bringing about something of a lunar overlander. To see a greater amount of the undertaking, you can look at Charlie Automotive’s Instagram page connected beneath.


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