Project Neptune

We’ve taken a couple of tourist balloon rides in our lives, and they have consistently been extraordinary encounters. Be that as it may, even with the statures they hoist you to, you won’t get the opportunity to space–the last boondocks. Except if, obviously, you’re riding in the PriestmanGoode x Space Perspective ‘Project Neptune’ swell.

This as of late revealed a superior inflatable is a community-oriented venture from PriestmanGoode and Space Perspective that incorporates a pressurized container structured and worked to fly travelers and exploration payloads from the planet’s surface to the edge of the room ahead of schedule as the start of 2021. Indeed, you read that effectively.

This mind-blowing direction you didn’t figure you could get the opportunity to space without anyone else, did you?– space vehicle will raise up to 8 travelers and other examination apparatus to the edge of the room and back to the Earth’s surface, securely, in only six hours. Part unimaginable travel understanding, part research crucial part crazy experience, Project Neptune is booked to take off from NASA‘s Kennedy Space Center in mid-2021.


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