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Annobike is a new undertaking that is currently on the last crowdfunding stage and it’s an incredible charmer, an e-bicycle with some cool highlights. Most importantly it’s a Danish venture in this way, of course, the insignificant cool plan is there, the mechanical solid look as well, first-rate quality is additionally guaranteed in addition to the eco-awareness which is consistently an absolute necessity have on these sort of undertakings likewise has a keep an eye on this case. Tech-savvy it includes a Bafang brushless motor (250 or 750W alternative accessible), front and back movable high performing stuns, circle brakes, cut evidence fat tires (perfect for going mud romping or just to make your ride smoother), Shimano derailleur, TFT shading screen with pertinent information and information, Samsung disguised battery (on the edge), flexible seats and handlebar, in addition to high review and light metal on the casing. You’ll have the option to get from 50 to 70 km of range and top accelerates to 32 km/h. This will definitely add some enjoyable to your drive. watch the video beneath


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