ASICS’ Meta Series

ASICS has perpetually been an organization centered on stylish innovation, and for 2020, the enlargement of the brand’s athletically-inclined footwear has taken center stage. Luckily, the arrival of COVID-19 isn’t doing abundant to place a damper on the outfit’s reveal of its advanced new footwear line.

The newest unveiling of the company’s refined sneaker platform, the Meta Series, arrives once the unsatisfying cancellation of the ASICS Innovation Summit, that was slated to require place in national capital. However, thanks to the natural event, the corporate has set to reveal the line’s tri-silhouette capsule through a video game platform, permitting journalists to require half within the unleash via the sense organ Quest telephone receiver. the gathering is comprised of the METARACER, a transcendental runner outfitted with energy-saving GUIDESOLE technology and a stabilising carbon plate; the METASPRINT, a spikeless track shoe that gives a lot of traction and power transfer via a novel honeycomb design; and therefore the METARISE, a volleyball variant that gives players with an additional three-percent elevate, permitting them to form higher jumps. because the most advanced performance series that ASICS has ever discharged, the Meta line guarantees to vary the sport for avid athletes. Head to the company’s web site for a lot of data.

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